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"And I think to myself, what a wonderful world....." Jun. 1st, 2005 @ 03:18 pm
Yesterday: Went to see "Ray". Very good film. Came home and killed time online, watched a dvd on guitars I got free with a mag.

Today: Nothing exciting as such. Killing time. Got alot of stuff to do round my room.

Right about this "friends only" bussiness. Just add me and I'll most certainly add you back. Its just that I don't want a few people I know from real life to be reading my journal.
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Failing. May. 16th, 2005 @ 07:19 pm
Today: Went to the college for the intview. Failed it. Plan was to get on a one year couse. But the person said I could only do a 2 year course. I can't be fucked with that. 2 more crappy years of liveing in Sutton. 2 more years of sitting on trains. Trains piss me off. When I met Hang (my first gf) half our relationship was spent at stations and bus stops. Then I went to college where I have to commute an hour to get to. Then to another college that took even longer. I could bear another year in this situation but never 2.
After failing the interview went to virgin in totnaham court road to look for a guitar peddal, but they didn't have any I liked. Made my way home. Wasn't in the mood so didn't go to cooking class.

I'm never gonna live in England when I'm older. No fucking away. Crap weather, crap transport, no culture, not enough good looking girls, binge drinkers everywhere, English food is shit.

Ideally if I could live anywhere, I'd make my own country. I'd have all the great festivals from round the world, espically the Jap ones. People would take long lunch breaks like in Italy n' Spain. It'd have all the best food. Oven pizza's would be band, you'd only be allowed to eat the real deal. Transport would be reliable. Tones of oriental girls. There'd be no yuppie's allowed. Simalery no skin head brutes either. They'd be culture where ever you look. Statues, archetiure, murals, etc. Yeah.....*drifts off into a day dream*
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Pants night. May. 15th, 2005 @ 08:47 pm
Last Night: Was told to turn up at the local pub at 8:30. Knowing that all of my friends are late anyway I turned up at 9:00. Noone was there except one. Had to go meet the others somewhere else. Got on the slowest train ever. Changed over at Balbham. Got lost due to Woody. Got to the place in Camdem. Was told it was a rock club but they played 60-90's pop with hip-hop room. Drank a bit. Played some classic's "girls just wanna have fun", "tubthumping", "take on me" etc. Scott was chatting to some girl. Woody and a boy called Nick were trying to chat to her aswell. Scott was in there first and I could tell they were pissing him off, so I removed them. Nick is fucking hyper active. Never shuts up. Danced a bit, drank a bit. Left about 3:00am. Getting buss home was long. Woody tryed to get us lost again but I knew the way as I know my way round London better than he does. Swift climbed down some ally type place to take a piss then a load of policemen came along and ask him what he was doing. lol. Got home at about 5:00am. The club weren't worth the journey.

Today: Woke up 2ish. Went to see "2046" at 4:00. Was really good. Really artistic. The women in the film where very attractive. Theres a lot of sex scene's but no nudity as such. I've gotta get laid soon. Fustration is building up.

So, drunk twice and went to the cinema this weekend. Completly muched up the sleeping pattern I was getting myself into. Got my interview tomorrow. Pants!
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Party n' stuff. May. 14th, 2005 @ 02:14 pm
Thursday: Signed on. Rented some Chinese movie. Went to Jap class. Came home. Watched the moive. Killed time online.

Friday: Completly wasted the day away. At night went to a party of some girl I know. Went by myself but met plenty of people I knew there. Was in a small club hall. 3 differnt bands played. First one was ok, punk. Second one was metal with the lead singer haveing fits all over the floor and room. Last one was my mate up the road called Dan's band, punk/emo. Smuggeled in some of my own drink cause didn't wanna pay at the bar. Got pretty drunk, chatted to people. Headbutted a ballon back and forth with 4 other guys for ages. lol.

Today: Recovering.

I'm going up London to some rock club tonight with James,Scott,Swift etc. Should be good.

Just a thought out of the blue: How much of my life has been wasted reading other peoples and changeing my msn screenname? lol.
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Depressed. May. 12th, 2005 @ 12:43 am
Tuesday: Driving lesson. Mandarin class at night.

Today: Read.Watched 2 films. Wasted time online.

A few things have been on my mind recently.

Pussy, is the first one. I've been well horney. I keep thinking bout having sex with some woman from my Mandarin class, Phong, Sandora, Makiko and just about every other oriental girl I've met. So horney....right shut up Taro!

Craveing for a big fat joint is the next. Possible cause of bordom, possible cause of depression. Most probily both. lol. Heres a thought though, if a person smokes some joints once or twice a week, most people would upon him as haveing "a drug problem". Yet if a person goes out and gets drunk off there face every weekend, people would consider that normal, and that they don't have "a drink problem".why is that so?

Ah well, Anyway. Should be going to a party on Friday. Also some of my mates are going up London on Saturday night, I see if anything else is happing before I commit myself. I'm looking forward to the party. Haven't got drunk n' mucked about for a long time.

Gotta sign on tomorrow. I've got an interview for an access to Music course on Monday. If only it started now insted of September I'd have something to do with my time. Being unemployed kicked ass for a while, then it just becomes routine. Least I'm not "normal". Take your average 19year old in England, they pasted all there gcse's and A levels, and are at uni right now. Where the fuck are people that did anything differnt? I wanna meet some people with intresting backgrounds. Dammit this town is killing my soul....

Enough of this entry.
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Other entries
» Past Few Days.
Friday: Nothing much. Went down my local high street to buy 'Total Guitar' mag.

Saturday: Went to the London Guitar show. Got shit loads of plectrums, once I've worn them all out I know that I've been praticing as much as I should. Saw some sick 15min solo by some bloke, well good.

Pics From the ShowCollapse )

After the show, came home. Wasted a bit of time to go online. Had an offer to go to my local pub, but turned it down to go round Joe D's house. Had a joint, played guitar,lernt some mexican riff, watched tele.

Sunday: Woke up, read, had a little nap, tidyed out a draw in my room. Studyed Jap. Watched this.

Today: Reading. Had cooking class made Yakitori.Killed time online.
» Obcessed.
I've been thinking about a quote from the filmKids recently.

When you're young, not much matters. When you find something that you care about, then that's all you got. When you go to sleep at night you dream of pussy. When you wake up it's the same thing. It's there in your face. You can't escape it. Sometimes when you're young the only place to go is inside. That's just it - fucking is what I love. Take that away from me and I really got nothing.

It serves as a good reminder to me that I shouldn't spend all my time on such things.
» Stuff and Cider.
Tuesday: Had driving lesson in the day, Mandarin class in the evening.

Wednesday: Wasted time in the day. At night went a club in London to hear jpop.

J-Pop Go!

Was ok. Not many people there. Think there was like 2 Japanese people in total rest were otakus or what not. Got some chinese girls email addy, she seemed nice. Got a bit drunk and ate sushi. Left about 11ish.

Today: Recovering. Had Jap class. Mucking about on the computer.

Now, a few weeks back I went on a trip with some mates to Leeds and York. Turned out pants. But I present you with a master piece I had along the way. This if of my friend Swift.

How to drink a bottle of cider in the kitchen of camp siteCollapse )

I am aware they my photo's are resized badly. I really need to learn more about doing so.
» The Weekend.
Saturday Night: Went to local pub for a short period of time. Don't really like going there much. Full of idiots. Was on the way to the cinema so stoped by for a little bit to see friends. Scott M blew me out on going to see The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy so went by myself. Was good. They changed some parts from the orignal TV series. Funnest part was seeing the orignal depressed Marvin robot in a brief cameo.

Yesterday: Sorted out my old games consouls. Threw out a Saturn and an old SNES that have been broken for years and just laying in a draw. I've got both a working version of both so I'll be fine if I ever wanna reviste some classic games. Wrote to Phong, got tired towards the end so just finesd it quickly. She's an lovely person, got an intresting background and all. But just don't really wanna date her or anything. Don't mean to be rude here, but theres girls out there I find more attractive.

Today: Reading books on home recording and music theory.
» Local Gigs are Pants!
Yesterday: Did my usal reading and anime watching in the day. At night had 3 offers to do things.

1. Go to a rock bar in Croydon.
2. Go to a friends gig in Wallinton.
3. Get stoned and hang out in a mates house in Wallington.

I wanted to go to the gig. So phoned up loads of people, all that were busy or didn't want to go. So went to the gig by myself. Place was swarming I horrible 15 year old wanna be goth/metal kids all wearing black cloths and make up. Can't stand them. Met my mate Kyle who plays in a band. Haven't seen him in a long time he didn't really have time to chat was busy with other people. We were close mates in school. Watch 2 pants bands, one that all wore bondage masks lol. Left at 9.30 to get the buss to Croydon to meet James, Scott M and some others in the rock bar. Gave them on the phone. They were still at James' house. He's always so fucking late. And I don't mean just now and again. I mean ALWAYS late. Couldn't be assed to go Croydon in the end. Went round Joe D's house, drank some beer and had a joint with Joe R, stoner Scott and Joe D's brother called Bob.

Was the first time I had a joint since this happened.
Was ok. Just chilled an played guitar. Was a lot cheaper than paying for drinks in a club. At clubs I always end up makeing a full of myself so how. Last time I went to one broke my glasses by accident.

I think most of my time is spend between 2 main groups of friens.

Friends from Secondary School: James T, Scott M, Swift and a person called Woody (who I don't consider my friend but is friends with the others).

The Stoners: Stoner Scott, Joe R, Joe D, Paul.

My Friends from 2ndry school always wanna go to club's and pubs. They constantly go to the local pub in Sutton. Gets well boring. The thing about hanging out with these lot is the ocassionally the past crops up and it just pisses me off. Things from 4/5years ago. James' has began to piss me off recently, Scott M is cool execpt for "the constantly going on about the ex" thing.

The Stoners tend to spend lots of time at Joe D's house chillin out smokein/drinking. Me and Joe R go to partys quite a lot together.

I'd say that I don't really belong to either. I'd like to move away and meet new friends really. Or just live without on my own for a while hmm.....
» Movies etc.
Last Night:Watched The Big Lebowski. Was really good. Lol, so funny how the main character refers to himself as "the Dude".

Today: Did a bit of reading. Went to sign on (go on call me unemployed bum if you want :P). Came home. Went to Jap class. Came home again. Came online. I played on watching This after finsihing online. Promised myself I'd write a letter to Phong telling how I feel bout her n' stuff. She's on my mind more and more recently.

Anyway I'm off. Later all.
» Last Few Dayts.
Monday: Watched "Fallen Angels" (see previous post). Is a Brilliant film. Wong Kar-Wai, the director makes good films. He often blends Jap/Mandarin/Cantonese languages together in his films. I'm looking forward to seeing 2046.

Tuesday: Had driving lesson in the day. Mandarin class at night. Watched Red Shadow last night. A film with a budget. Lol, still better to watch a pants Jap film than a pants Americian/English film cause I learn new words etc.

Today: Had Cooking class. Was ok. Did a bit more reading and watched anime. Brought a VHS of Paul Weller from the libary ex-stock for £3. No idea when I'll get round to watching it though.

I feel I've been neglecting my guitar recently. Too much time watching films and anime. Stills its good that I don't waste so much time down the pub any more.
» Cleaning out My Closet.
Yesterday: Did my regular reading and watching of anime then, clearned out one of my cupboards. Was so full of old video game mags. The earlyest of witch was dated August 1993! 12years ago! And they most recent one was sometime in 2000. 7years worth of magazines. So many memorys, I used to read video game mags everyday. Not sure if I spent more time reading about games than I did actually playing them.

Looking back I was a game addict, and I don't use the term loosly. Get home from school and play for 7/8hours with toilet breaks and eating time. I don't know how many games I own now, but on last count it was around the 350 mark. Anyway since then I discovered the internet, girls, guitars, anime, partys and music.

I also rented Fallen Angels. Was going to watch it last night but my eyes had had enough of reading subtitles for one day so watched this insted. Just another one of the films in a big pile of ex-rental VHS's I brought dirt cheap last year.

Today: Reading, copying anime and LJ.
» House of the Dead Moive!!!
Some time last year I was give a pirate copy of a movie called "House of the Dead". It was in a poorly copyed package, it looked like an old '70s slasher flick from the back cover and I assumed it had nothing to do with the video game series.

It layed on my shelf for ages and so today I decied to watch it. And oh dear, it turned out to be this. The opening credits have clips from the game that anoyingly crop up again and again though out the film. Its about some rich kids that go to a rave on an island that turns out to be haunted. It has NOTHING to do with the game other than zombies. It is just a terrible film. Makes attempts at its only bullet time that turns out awful. Deary me. I won't waste any more time going on about how bad it is, only that it has furthered the fact that video game to movie ports don't work. Why? Why do such crap films get made???
» Stuff.
A Tale of Two Sisters was alright. Found myself wondering "hold up, whats going on here?" a few times. Gonna have to watch the extra's later as it came on 2discs.

The Boogiepop Phantom series is diffently one of the better anime DVD's I own due to the fact that every episode comes with commentry,along with English dubed and Jap with subs.
» My Trip.
19th: After my driveing lesson, got picked up (over an hour late) by my friends all in the car. 4 of us went. Me, James, Scott M (not to be confused with stoner Scott mentioned early in my journal), and Swift, the driver. Drove to Leeds. Got lost multipul times as James couldn't read a map properly. Found a hotel to sleep in, shared a singel room, worked out £12 each.

20th: James lets on to us that the uni he wants to see is in York not Leeds, anger all around. Drive to York. Bickering and listening to music all the way. James looks round the uni, me and the rest had a quick look round aswell, nothing fantastic. We all look round York town. Nothing much intresting there other than a big church, since I'm not a relgious man I've not much intrest in that either. Went to a camp site, set up a tent, made noodels for myself, went to a pub so they could all watch a football game and play pool. I don't know how to play pool or have any intrest in football so I spent my time in the car reading a driving theory book and a book on musical notation. Went back to the camp site, me and Swift drank a bottle of cider between us (lol proper 14year old style-ie). Chatted. Me and Scott slept in the car, James and Swift in the tent.

21st: Went to Leeds town centre. Was pretty big. Brought an Auron and a LuLu Final Fantasy X keyring from forbidden plant. James was getting the Coach back as he had booked it before. The rest of us headed home in the car. We were going to go to Wales but deciced not to as had had enough of being in the car and Scott ran out of money.

Scott never ever shuts up about is ex. They broke way over half a year ago and every time I speak to him he somehow realates everything to her. All of us that went on the trip have ex's, and talk happens about them from time to time, but Scott its just constant.

James is the most indecisive person alive. As he some disorder when it comes to girls "hey guys, when I was looking round the uni I saw this nice girl, then she went away, then I she came back again". Later on in the car he says out of the blue "one girl was from Lancaster". Also he's recent devolpement of likeing asian girls anoys me. He always used to go for the blonde model type. I know theres no compition or anything its just, thats a thing I do. I'm the asain perv.lol. Have been ever since I hit the age when a boy starts looking at girls in that way. Keeps asking me how to say things in Jap and Mandarin aswell. GRRRR :@

Today: Did a bit of reading. Went to my local highstreet, rent a Korean movied called A Tale Of Two Sisters. Also Brought a book about home recording. Watch some Anime aswell.
» Phong and Escaping
I keep thinking about Phong. More of who'm can be read about here and here. Note Iam no longer a "stoner" as I was in either of those posts.lol.

Anyway, yeah its werid. I'm looking forward to seeing her again. I don't think anything can become of it because of the age difference, but I miss her company.

On other subjects. Had a dream last night that I was finally leaving Sutton (where I've lived all my life bar 3mounths after I was born in Japan) to go live somewhere else. I remember thinking to myself "YES! I've finally made it out". That day will come. If I get on some access to Music course I could be fucking of to uni (as much as I hate people going on about it) within a year. Its one way out. Might study Japanese and Music or just souly Music depending on what I decide.

I guess if I wasn't a video games junkie in secondary school and an msn addicted in college I could of concentrated on my work more and be out in the world already, but oh well. No point in regrets...
» Cinema, 100 Greatest Albums and Going away.
Last night went to see the amity vill horror with my friend Scott. Was better than I origanly expected. Way better than the Ring 2.

Today just tidyed my room and watch the 100 greatest albums for 4 hours. Wouldn't have thought Radiohead's 'Ok Computer' would of been number one...

Tomorrow I have cooking class then on Tuesday I'm going away with 3 mates (James,Scott and Swift) to Leeds and Wales untill next weekend. Should be really good. One of my friends wants to have a look round Leeds uni so thats why we're going but as to whatever we're going to do the rest of the time I don't know. I have a feeling its going to be good though. Last Journey I went on it was with the same mates above plus some prick people call Woody. It was admittedly his flat that we stayed in when we went away, but boy the guy is a wank stain. Here is just an example of the stupid stuff he says:

    "Tea orignally came from England"
    "Jazz is not improvized at all"
    "Greenday are British"

Not only that, he unsulted me and Scott about our previous relationships without even knowing anything about them, he has to give dates for everything "Air was invted in 1602", he sleeps in pyjamas, spends rediclous amounts of money on stuff and his knowledge of Music begins and ends with Queen. The prick. GRRR :@.

Anyway good job he ain't comeing this time. Journeys gonna kick ass. Blearing out Music all the way with the window down and wind in my hair lol :).
» Some Gig.
Last night, went out to a gig in New Cross. Was with a few friends and people I know. Got the train there. Hung outside a newsagents with about a big 20+ group of stupid emo kids and wannabe punks with band names written all over there bags and leather jackets. Felt so out of place. People like that seem so fake. Finaly made our way to where the gig was after all the 16year olds had finished there cider. Was not much going on in the club once we were in there, so I thought I'd have something to drink to pass the time quicker.
It was all local bands playing. The first band to come on was also the one that everyone I came with came to see. Watched them as I drank my pint. Not my sorta music, lots of pick slides and screaming about walls closeing etc. Also the drummer broke his bass pedal and the bass player broke a sting. Didn't really enjoy it so much. Went out of the place, headed home with everyone. So much confusing about what trains to get on. Eventually got home and went to bed.

So a good waste of time and money last night.
» Chaseing Girls.
Yesterday met the girls in Victoria station. Had a McDonalds, chatted. The Japanese girl (Called Makiko) asked me a lot of questions like if I've met other girls from the net, what I did with them, do I have a GF etc. I found her attractive. Chatted in Japanese with her.

The Chinese Girl (Emily) was nice aswell. Spoke a few words in Mandarin with her. Both of them are good friends with one another. Was difficult in conversation because in a group a 3 as someone always seem's to be left out.
I'd like to seem them again sometime.

Makiko might be moveing to London to study is some drama school come September. Would be nice to have her as a friend as I don't know any Japanese people in my area.

Sometimes I wonder if I spend too much time chaseing after girls. I mean I gotta develope and lead a life of my own. Like girls do get in the the way of other stuff at times, ceartainly haveing a full blowen relationship with someone does. I should really learn more about Music and things I'm intrested in.

» Cooking, Driveing, Playing Guitar.
Yesterday start a once a week Japanese cooking class, running for six weeks. Enjoyed it. Today had a driveing lesson.

I'm enjoying learning new stuff. Got plenty going on.

I keep actually listening to Music in t.v programs recently. Not just noticeing it then trying to follow the story. Very intresting a lot of it.

Off to Mandarin class later. To be hones the only reason I learnt/learning it is to chat it Chinese girls...

Tomorrow I'm meeting two girls i met off MySpace
One is Chinese, the other Japanese :). Gonna show them round London. Ain't said that there Bi but fingers crossed aye? lol :P
» Song's in Relation to Life.
I belive there is a song for every moment in your life. The soundtrack if you like.

At present the song I am listening to reminds me "its just another Saturday".

I love Music.
» Saying happy brithday to the ex.
Phoned up Hang (my ex with whom I had a year and half realtionship with, broke up last year sep) to wish her happy birthday. Chatted for a bit. Asked each other questions bout who we're sleep with lol, stupid really. chatted bout other stuff. now I'm a guy that gets jealous easy, and I'm not gonna lie, I did. Not so much bout who's sleeping with who but the fact that everyone fucks off to uni and seems to have a fucking great time there. pissed of if hearing it. that's all I've fucking heard for the past Year. Not just from Hang. All the fucks from my old school I never wish to have contacted with again, the stupid emo girl's that I see at partys aswell. SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT UNI EVERYONE!!
» Just another day.
Today, woke up. Made breakfast. Played guitar. Devlived some Libral Deocrat leaflets for my Mum for a fiver. Went down the high street in search for "Total Guitar" magazine that was due out today but nowhere had it :@ grrr. Came home. Played more guitar. Had supper. Came online.

Had a dream last night about sex with other oriental girls I've met online.....
» From now on....
I am going to make an attempted to udate more regulary. As many times I come online, waste time then sign off. At least if I write my journal I'll have something to show for it.

"No Cigar" by Millencolin (on the Tony Hawks 2 soundtrack) is such a good song."I won't waste my time fitting in, 'cause I don't think contrast is a sin" Too right!
» A Girl Called Sandora...
So this is what happend between me and her.

Met in Liester Square. When for a meal in a Japanese restraunt called "Taro" of all things. Meal cost £50 (ouch) I paid (ouch again). Went to the Japan centre in Picadilly, went to Green Park, wondered round, went back to Liecster Square, brought tickets to see the film "Robots", went to Trafalger Square to waste time untill the film started, went to see the film. 2/3rds of the way through the film I kissed her. I don't know why, but I did. I think it might have something due to the fact that both Hang and Phong kissed me before I could kiss them, maybe I just wanted to kiss a girl before they could kiss me. something I've never done.

I'll be honest. I don't find her as attractive as other oriental girls I have seen. She is a nice person and all. There no arugement or nothing so I guess you could say we get along ok. But its werid, I don't think we have too much in common, one of the reasons being she's lived most of her life in Hong Kong and not Britian.

Anyway back to the story. Kissed her. Finished watching the film. Took her home. Went to the party with Dan Miles, Adrian, Joe Ryan etc that night.

Met up with here again. Went back to my house. started makeing out, got onto the bed. she suggested that I go inside her. So yes. We had sex. I shaln't tell you the details but afterwards it felt werid. Maybe because I didn't/still don't really know her all that well. I Then made her noodels and chicken in a bun for me. We watched the Japanese version of "Ring 2". Took her back to Wimbeldone she made her way home.

Saw her again. We went to see the Americanised (crap) version of "Ring 2" in the Cinema in Wimbeldone. Started makeing out. Touched her up, then she wacked me off. Cleaned up. Watched the rest of the film. Went and had a sandwich afterwards from boots then made our ways home.

I don't think I want a relationship at the moment. I don't want to hurt her either. And I don't know what she wants. Just sex or a realtionship. One things for a sure, I am one horney bastard. I keep thinking bout sexual experances' I've had. Can't let Mr.Knob control me though, could end up getting in trouble or hurting a girls feelings.....

Oh well. Other than that, recnetly just been reading more books bout Guitars.
» Recently...
I haven't been up to a lot. Reading books on guitar and my highway code. I start driving lessons next week. so that should give me something to do with my time. Also theres 3 weeks with no evening classes so more time to kill...

I am wasting an ever increaseing amount of time online, and I'm not even really doing anything productive online. I've become addicted to 'MySpace'. Today has just been online and watching tele.

Its not all bad thought, the day after tomorrow I'm meeting a girl I met on 'MySpace' in cental London. Her names Sandora, she is Chinese (of course...) and is 19. Hopefully should go well. Oh and a party in the evening of that date aswell, haven't been to one in a while....

Untill then...
» Full-Time Unemployed.
So heres what i've been up to: Fuck All!

The past couple of weeks i've read a book on guitar and played for a little bit. downloading shit loads of muisc and also playing onimusha 3. thats my life. i've refused various offers to go out to pubs and clubs because i feel its a waste of my time and money. no driving lesseson yet but i have been reading a bit of my highway code before i go to bed each night.

i wake up at 1pm each day. lay in and watch tele till 3ish. get up eat then waste the rest of the day away till 4/5am when i go to bed. fun indeed. i haven't been looking for a job as i don't paticulary want one. fuck i'm hungry, i'm off to eat. no food in my belly makes Taro unhappy....
» Hello, Have you missed me?...probily not, as i don't think a single persons read my journal....
A-hoy hoy.

Heres whats been going on since my last entry.
I've spent the past mounth in my room. That and going out to partys n' clubs.
one night was really bad, i did magic mushrooms, then drank beer, then had a few joints. i saw stuff and it wasn't good. it was fucking with my head. don't think i'm gonna be touching that shit again.

downloading shit loads of music. listening to all kinds of bands.
Oh met up with Phong again even though she said no to till 6 mounths time. she told me her ultimate fantasy was that in 5 years time when i've got a job/carer that i come and sweep her off her feet...i let her know that thats not exactly how i saw things. we went to see a play bout chinese/english identity, was intresting, then off for a meal. she asked me loads of questions bout my family, felt uneasy. she speaks 4languages fluently, has a sofa that costs more money than i have in the world, drives a well nice car and is going to travel to china via europe and russia in september!...and i'm just some kid in his room with a guitar, t.v and computer...

a boy from my pervious college asked me if i wanted to be in his band, but it was more like go to a stuido and fuck about for 5hours with a drummer that couldn't keep time and him constantly trying to play guns n' roses songs really fast.

been playing guitar n' writing ideas down a lot recently aswell.

as for a job...well haven't been looking, so haven't got one. if i was to get one it would have to be connected to music. working full time drives you insane, and you just end up a material slave. brilliant.

catch ya later my live journal....
» Hello! Did You Miss Me?
Well heres whats happened in my life.

Work: I resigned from my job a few days before christmas due to the feeling that i was going to get fired in the new year. Christmas temps are desposable.

Christmas: Wasn't so good, got money and clothes I didn't want from relatives. Smoke a couple joints out my window christams eve. Materalism got me feeling down...

Birthday: Not a lot happened, got money, lazed about the house.

Phong: Met up with here again on the 28th of December. we went to hampton court, back to her house, went to her office n' had sex. she droped me off in Kingston afterwards, said that we shouldn't see each other for 6 mounths, when we're gonna go to the beach together. she said that she wants me to find a differnt girl to go out with cause me and her weren't going anywhere because of the age gap.

New Years Eve: Went to a house party of a guy called Woody. Smoked 5/6 joints and had a couple beers.

Recently: Been to a few pubs n' clubs round Sutton, nothing any good. On the friday night just gone went to a party in a 4* hotel, was pretty good, got some girls numbers. Last night went to see team america, was alright, lots of referances to other films in it. oh yeah and on the monday just gone I went away with 4 mates to little hampton, got drunk and stoned one night, went round brighton the next day, got drunk that night then headed home the next day, was good to get out of sLutton.

As for the Future: not a lot plan, gonna learn how to drive, souly because its something to do. As for a job hmmmm... I might get a part time job. no way a full time one, it eats up your sould.
» Keeping a live journal is Looooooooooonnnnnnnngggggg.
Dam, too busy to update recently.

not much going on. smoke a bit of weed out my bedroom window and got creative thoughts. that, and meeting up with phong to see 'house of flying daggers'. thats all i've done recently.

is there point of me having a journal???
» Sunday.
Didn't go out on a saturday night for the first time in about 2/3mounths.
Went on a family outing type thing to a market. I brought a grinder.
» You're How Old?
Nothing much happened in the week other than this.

Phong texted me to say we should just be friends again. I phoned her, and chatted/phoned her again the next day. I got a I text from her saying that she is 28 and not 23. I phoned her again, I belive her because we talked about it for almost the whole of my lunch hour, her life story in a way, is a short version. so she is 28...

Friday: Went to pub then a shit club called liquid, I got drunk on beer. I phoned Hang and had some argument with one of her mates, I stumbeled home, I did a shit in the street next to mine. I then phoned Hang again, just for a genral chat, she seems ok.

Today: recovering, on the net and listening to punk music! oh yes.
» Current Music...You Know Its Heavvvvvvvvvyyyyyyy!
Maybe I should only update my journal to let people know what brilliant songs I'm listening to...Maybe....
» Monday!
Had Work.
Came Home.
Went Online.

Nothing exciting happend.
» The Weekend.
Friday: Went to a pub in Wallington with a few mates. They were going on about old school stuff witch was boring for me.After the pub went round Stoner Joe's house and had a couple joints.

Saturday: Met up with Phong. Had a meal. Went to some Gallerys in London. Had mcdonalds. Went back to her Place. Played scrabble. Watch 'Bruce Allmighty'. and did other stuff.....;o.....

Sunday: Came home. Went round Jamese before.

Someone Fucking read my journal!
» Thursday...
Work as usal. Gave £20 to a mate called Joe to get an 8th for me...
Japanese class in the evening.

Brought a magazine today called "neo". Its about anime and such. kool...
» Back At Work.
Had work today. Boring shit.

Went to see "The Grudge" with mates James and Rob Smith. Was pants!

Buying an 8th tomorrow. Arn't I naughty....
» Off Work ill :(
Took the day off work cause have a cough n' saw throat.

Just been online all day really. Added a few people to my friends list. Just randomly searched some entrys n' added people that I thought sounded intresting, so hello all those people....

I remember bout 2 years ago I used to spend the hole day online and dossing about the house, todays the first time I've done the same in ages....
» Wasted Weekends.
Last night: Went out to a party in Croydon. Long story short, got kicked out cause wasn't supposed to be there, went back to a mates house got drunk n' smoked weed. Fun times.

Yesterday I wasted the whole day sleeping n' I'm most likely to do simaler today. The week is just work n' study, weekends getting wasted n' sleeping. Theres so much stuff I wanna do that I don't get the time to do though, like watch all the anime n' films I got, tidy my room ( its been a state since starting work), play guitar and just genrally chill out. Busy life....
» The Past Week.
Monday: Work then Broadband use in the evening downloading music.

Tuesday: Got a text from Phong saying that we should just be friends cause of the age gap. Called her then we decided to set a date for meeting up for a meal next week on the saturday. Went to both Chinese lessons. Tireing.

Wednesday: Rented "American Splendor" from the library. Went Round James' house with rob at night, chatted bout girls n' stuff.

Thursday: Japanese class in the evening.

Friday: Long day at work. Went to the pub with James and Swift at night. Texted Vicky while I was there, she was at some party n' said that I could come along if I wanted, so me and James' made our way to Cheam, didn't find the place in the end and just walked home and chatted. Came back to mine and we listend to music. Swift stayed in the pub.

Today: Slept untill 3ish.

Constant work and going out...I need more time to myself, I'll most likely quit my job before the new year, then I can have time to myself, and more time to write this lovely journal.....
» Working, And a Girl Called Phong.
Heres the run down:

Tuesday: Went to one of my Chinese classes after work, but it was cancelled :(. Went to the other Chinese class at night.

Wednesday: Went round a boys house called Joe. We smoked weed :). Went home slept.

Thursday: Went round James' after work, then home, then to Japanese lesson.

Friday: Went to a club in Kingston at night. Had a few beers, met up with a girl who's number I got last week called Phong. We danced and chatted for a few hours. She only had a little to drink cause she was driving. We ended up coming back to my house...we had sex. She's 23 and a lawyer...I was suprised that she was intrested in me. We're gonna meet up after she's finished some law exams she's gotta do.

Saturday: Recovering. Lots of sleep. Went to the pub at night, had 2 orange juices and some crisps.

Today: Attempting to tidy my room.

Apologize to all that read my journal. I tend not to update regularly mainly do to the fact that I'm constantly busy. Working, seeing mates, evening classes, partys, going down the pub...etc.
» The Weekend And Girls!!
Saturday Night: Went to a party in Cheam. Got drunk, smoked weed, had a good time, threw up, got a lift home from a mate's mum. Got sleep 4ish.

Sunday: Woke up, had a bath. Went to meet up with a girl called Louise. She's the reason I have a LJ. I used to read her's everyday at work. We went to school together, but I was always too shy to ask her out back then. I've been through spell's of being obcessed with her. Wrote her a long email going on and on about crap but what i should of really said in it was "I like you" or something. Anyway, on Saturday I had the courage to ask her out. So we met, went back to mine, played Tekken 4. Went to Sutton, had a burger king, looked in game shops. Went back to hers and played games. It was really kool, just to like play games together. Super Monkey Ball, Space Channel 5, Panzer Dragoon. Was fun, haven't played games in a while and hadn't played games with anyone for even longer. She's a nice person, I try to figure her out sometimes but she's kinnda an enigma.....

Went round James' afterwards then to the pub, had an orange juice. And the girl that I was danceing with on friday night was in the pub!!! I think she's going next week.

Today: Work was ok. Spoke with Alison. She casually said that we should go out drinking sometime. Texted Phong the girl who's number I got on friday. She text back. :)

Too many girls going on at one time.
» Taro's Binge Culture.
Right here we go. Did you miss me? probibly not cause noone reads this stuff.

Here's the run down of what I've been up to:

Monday: Work in the day. Had a meal with a few mates in the evening, went on to the pub but only had one drink. (I don't wanna get drunk on a weekday!)

Tuesday: Work. Only went to one of the two chinese lessons I could of done, cause had some stuff needed to sort out with a mate and wanted to talk with the girl upstairs.

Wednesday: In the evening, met up with my mate Bob. Me, him, his girlfriend and his brother Matt went for a meal in the same place as monday.

Thursday: Japanese class in the evening.

Friday: Longest day ever at work. Maddest night. Went to a club in kingston, and I have no clue where 60quid I took out with me went, mainly on booze. I'm not takeing that much out again. But I'll get the money back cause 3 of my mates owe me 3pints each. Got 2 girls numbers, lost one of them. I was danceing with this well fit girl when I was pissed. what she finds in messy hair and glasses I don't know, should of asked for her number.

Today: Recovering. Going to a party tonight! oh Yes!
» Going Out And All That.
Heres the run down:

During the week: Work, hanging out round grunge central.

Friday night: Went to the pub with my mate James and met a few others there, then went to a different pub. Got a bit drunk.

Saturday: Recovering from friday night.
Saturday night: Went to a party in Sutton, was makeing snake bite and got pretty drunk, got off with some girl...she wasn't even all that good looking.

Sunday: Recovering, went down the high street with mates Dan, Adrian and a girl called Terry.

I need to fix my computer.

Life is kinnda busy at the mo. Work, evening class, mates, partys, not enough time to cram them all in.

Untill next time, who ever the fuck reads my journal.
» Work Life And The Past Mounth.
Hello there. It's been a while since there last update, about a mounth. Here's what i've been doing:

Lost my job (it's ok I have a new one ;) more of witch later)

Finished with Hang, went to vist her at uni one day, she wasn't happy sent me home, she's going out with a new guy blah blah blah.

Got a new job at a certian well knowen book/magazine/stationary store.

Went to a couple partys. Got pissed and stoned, got some girls number, she replyed the first time I text her but not the second :'( .

Oh yeah, I go to evening classes now. I was doing Korean but I've more a less quit that cause I don't learn enough. I go to 2 Mandarin classes on Tuesday and Japanese on the Thursday. Learning 3 languages and working full time isn't the easyist thing to do, so I'm gonna sort out what I wanna do. Whatever I quit it won't be Japanese.

Works not bad. I'm in the books department, get a lot of old people asking me questions. Theres a good looking girl that works up stairs, I make excusses to go up there to see what she's up to sometimes. I think she was only in half the day today though cause I didn't get to see much of her :( . I'll try again tomorrow :) .

I'm in the process of sorting out our broadband serive at the moment. The fuckers at A O heLL don't make things easy.

Thats about it really, not that anyone really reads my journal, but hey maybe someone will come across it oneday.
» Girls.
I just phoned up Hang from a phone at work. This is how the convo went.

Hang: Hello.
Me: Hello.
Hang: Who's this?
Me: *laughs* who’s this???
Hang: I dunno.
Me: Who's this???
Hang: I Dunno, you phoned me.
Me: You don't know who this is?
Hang: oh Taro!
Me: Yes...don't remember my voice do you.
Hang: blah blah blah I’m bust doing such n' such. I have to go.


I thought that maybe it'd be better if I didn't have any contact with her for a while but I thought that maybe I should give her a phone to make sure she's ok n' stuff. But when she doesn't even fucking remember the sound of my voice that piss's me off. I know she was busy but she could have at least asked how I was doing.
» Last Update For A While.
Today is my last day at work. As For the past few mouths I’ve only been using the internet at work and at home we're currently in the process of getting broadband this'll probably be my last update for a while :( . So to compensate for that I think I’ll have to make this an extra long update.

To start with here’s the rundown:

Tuesday: Had work at usual.

Wednesday: Started a college course in central London. Its music and only 2 days a week. Met some guy who played drums with led zeppelin for a while. People in my class are mainly adults and the rest are 20ish. Don't know if I wanna do the course for sure thought, more about that later. In the evening did my paper round then went round James' house and just chatted.

Thursday: Had college during the day. Takes bout and hour to get there and an hour back. In the evening started my evening class in Japanese.

Today: At work for the last time.

As I was saying earlier, I started a college course 2 days a week but I don't think I’m too keen on carrying on with it. For starters it takes and hour to get there and this is annoying as for the past year and a half I’ve spent half my life commuting places, to college and seeing Hang, so I kinnda want a break from that. Also everyone in my class is adults and to put it simply I don't think I can really be fucked to go college again.

On Monday I was told that I’d have to finnish working here because "the NHS has a budget blah blah...". in a way its a shame that I’ll be out of a job and that I won't be abel to get paid for going on the net all day, on the other hand I’m sick of hearing people at work fucking going on and on and on about fucking university. I’m pissed off. I’ve earning plenty of money to keep me going for a while, plus my Mum owes me a large sum of money plus my paper round witch brought in 10quid for an hours work last week.

Monday evenings I’m started a beginner’s course in Korean. Taro likes Korean girls.....*druel*.... and I got Japanese on Wednesday evenings. I think I’m gonna take it easy for a while, recently I’ve just felt like staying at home all the time due to the fact that the past few mouths since I’ve been working and such have been busy and also fucking annoying in ways. I wanna laze about at home and just be in my own world, I hate it when I meet people that have completely different idea's to me and I have to pretend to get on with them for the sake of being nice. I guess I would like to have friends and be around people with the same beliefs and ideas as me but I know that doesn't happen because no one 100% agrees with each other.

I hate a lot of people. No individuals, just people that do certain things. I don't know why I hate them I just do, maybe jealously or to make myself feel better or maybe cause they are actually bastards. Here’s a list of people that piss me off:

Bossiness men on the train.
Bossiness students.
14 year old fucking grungers with Kurt cobain hoodies.
Physcology students "cause yeah I’m interested in the way people think and stuff"
Trendy fuckers that pay 60quid for a swet shot designer hat.
People that are fucking sheep and a afraid to be different.
People that have fucking normal jobs.
Common people.
Religious people.
People that say graffiti is "just a load of scribbles".
People that say Punk Music is "just a load of shouting"
Old people that never stop winging about stuff.
Money obsessed people.
Dick heads that like to start trouble for no apparent reason.
15/16 year old kids that drink smern off ice at party’s.
People that call other people 'Neaks' 'Geaks' 'Nerds' etc
Wanna-be rude boys.
People that never seem to fail.
People that get 6 A*'s 4 A's 2 B's and a C (or whatever) in there GCSE's.
As/A level students.
Fuckers that made spy ware and pop-ups.
People that never did anything slightly rebellious in there whole life.
Secondary school teachers.
People who you once briefly encountered in you're life that you bump into a while later and start talking to you like that know you really well.

Fuck it I hate everyone!!!!!!!!!
Fuck em' all I don't wanna pretend to like anyone.
» "Snake, Its Taro.....Its Been A Long Time...."
First update in a while.

Spent the last week or so seeing Hang before she left for uni. We're just friends now. Probably won't be seeing much of her anymore, she'll be off doing her stuff with all the other uni people. It may sound mean, but it feels good to be free, I won't have to feel like I have to behave myself round other girls and stuff so much. Hang is/was lovely and all but I found that she was quite conformist as compared to be e.g. she went off to uni to be an accountant, only likes music that’s in the charts, watches eastenders etc. Where as I don't ever wanna be a yuppie or work in an office, like's all kinds of music music, doesn't watch eastenders and has more a rebellious nature (even if at times I don't show it as much).
Hopefully the next girl I go out with will be different to her.

I think theres many reasons I’m less conformist than others. I think I don't really wanna be like anyone else, be some guy on the train in a suit off to his job in the city to make money, eventually gets married has some kids and lives in a house with a nice car. WHAT A FUCKING CLICHAY! It’s not just recently I’ve though this kinnda way. During school I was in my fair share of trouble for not being led on like a sheep and doing what I was told to. People that do what they've been told all the time don't really do anything fantastic for the world. Imagine if John Lennon went of to be a stock broker insted of being in a band, or if all the famous inventors were put off by people telling them that they should just get a regular job. We wouldn't have electricity, toilets, penicillin etc.
Some people say "oh if you're a rebellious you're not different, you're just the same as all the other rebellious people" But Fuck'em. At the end of the day people that do things differently and live alternate lifestyles are people that fucking has an effect on the world.

Went to the pub on Saturday night with friends Rob and James, we all just had a coke. Sunday went up London with the same 2 mates, wondered round n' shit.

To make things even better I was told that I'm gonna be out of a job by the end of this week. Fucking brilliant.
» What I've Been Up To And What I"m Going To Get up To.
Here's the rundown.

Tuesday: After work went round Friends house to play guitar.

Wednesday: Met up with Hang. We decided to become friends on this day.

Thursday: Went to this college in London to sort out a music course. Its 2 days a week, dunno if it'll be any good though. After that started a paper round, only once a week, 8pound for bout an hours work.

I'm probably won't be updating my journal for the next week or so cause I’m gonna be busy seeing Hang before she leaves for uni.
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